Wadsworth Magnet School Symphony

On December 17, 2017, Wadsworth Magnet School for High Achievers will host an education forum at the Clarkston Community Center on Sunday from 5:00 to 7:00 to inform families about education options available in their community.  The event is open to the public. Attendees will leave entertained, engaged and empowered. For the last 10 years, Wadsworth Magnet School has advocated for making quality education accessible to high-achiever students in DeKalb County.  According to  Dr. Cornellia Crum, Wadsworth’s Principal, ” Partnering with the Clarkston Community Center is an important step to bridging the gap between education and community. The collaboration aims to provide the community with a direct link to School Choice options as well as a top-ranked school.

Attendees will have a 360 view of Wadsworth. This will include music by the school’s orchestra, demonstrations by the Robotics team, and step-by-step School Choice application process. Dr. Cornellia Crum, Wadsworth’s Principal, along with the administrative staff, teachers and students will be onsite to answer questions about the school’s superior educational program. The Parent Teacher Association (PTA) president, Jennifer Lester stated that “All families of DeKalb County deserve to at least be made aware that quality programs exist and they are free for qualifying students.”

Wadsworth Magnet School for High Achievers is an elementary school in the Dekalb County School System offering students in fourth through sixth grade an enriched version of the Dekalb County Elementary and Middle School Curriculum. Our educational program for high achievers is designed to enable students to be creative, life-long learners who excel to their individual potential. Our school environment offers academic experiences in which students are taught to take responsibility and ownership for their individual learning. Our program is supported through the collaborative efforts of teachers, parents, students, stakeholders, business partners, and community members. Students are selected through a lottery system conducted by the DeKalb County Board of Education Magnet Office.


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