"Clarkston Talks"

A Podcast by Clarkston's Leaders of Tomorrow


Real Issues. Real Conversations.

Youth in this community are shouldering astounding responsibilities, and our duty to empower them with amplified voices is more important than ever.

One of the solutions at the Clarkston Community Center is amplifying our youths’ voices through a youth-led podcast.

This podcast will include; identifying issues at all scales, candid discussions with decision-makers and community leaders, implementing solutions to community issues and the perspective of leadership as a young adult.

This platform is focused on empowering our youth for leadership roles, and amplifying their voices on issues they identify, no matter the scale. We are dedicated to unifying communities and finding a collective path forward to positive, sustainable policy changes.


Through amplifying our youth leaders’ voices, they are able to reach directly to decision-makers, stakeholders and community leaders.


We welcome you to these meaningful conversations, and invite you to be a part of our communities' solutions.

Getting Involved: Join Our Conversations

Essential to changing our community requires the involvement of our community. Here with "Clarkston Talks," we invite you to listen, contribute and reflect along with us.

On our Spotify, we have an avenue for community conversation and feedback, and would sincerely welcome your perspectives.

This Takes All of Us

Expressing messages of unity, community and change take many different forms.

Here at the Clarkston Community Center, we want to share our stories in a variety of ways best suited for our community. Explore how are we discovering a better Clarkston builds better communities for all.

Creating and sharing quality visual pieces is an essential part of our platform. See how we hope to create change through our YouTube Channel.


Stay up to date with our stories through the medium of photography, and our developing arm of photojournalism on Instagram.


Our Facebook and Twitter are our platforms for important program updates.

"Clarkston Talks," in the News

Our Leaders of Tomorrow have been featured in local media, to include Atlanta News First. Check out the feature article here.

Have an idea for a podcast or a video story? We want to hear from you!

Submit prompts, conversations, or storylines you'd want to hear from the community.