Uhuru Dancers, Inc. is a community based non-profit organization that has been empowering the Atlanta area through African Culture since 1989. Uhuru Dancers was founded by Toni Young, Shaheedah Enahora, Tina Scoope, and Celeste Anthony.  It is the oldest professional African dance company in the Metro Atlanta Area.  At least 100 members have passed through the ranks of Uhuru in its many years of operation.


Uhuru currently offers a wide variety of workshops, community events, and performances through out the year. 
The group is also dedicated to empowering elders through Mzee Uhuru, Elders of Freedom, and teaching the youth through Watoto Uhuru, Children of Freedom. Mzee is comprised of dancers over the age of 50, and Watoto is comprised of boys and girls ages 3-17.


For more information on this non-profit dance company, please visit them at www.uhurudancers.com.

Uhuru Dancers Class & Practice Videos