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The Clarkston Community Center has always been dedicated to improving the live's of the youth living in the Clarkston area. In addition to our standard weekly classes, we also offer two expansive programs that help young people learn and better themselves.

Youth development program

Our after-school middle and high school program was the result of an ongoing need to address many problems faced by young adults in their homes, schools, and social communities. By joining the after-school program, these students become confident around the issues they face on a daily basis like youth violence, cultural diversity, health inequities, and obstacles to educational attainment.

This program is being sponsored by the DeKalb County Youth Services and the Clarkston Community Center and is open to students ages 11-18 years of age. If you know someone who may benefit, please reach out to Amber McCorkle the Director of Education/Programs at the Clarkston Community Center for registration or any form of inquiry. | 404-508-1050


The Clarkston STEAM-Plus Summer Camp (STEAM standing for Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) welcomes children between the ages of 11-18.

The fun and creative atmosphere of our camp helps to build stronger English language skills for those who are new to this country and bolsters self-confidence for participants, for both girls and boys. The campers explore and create eco-art, assemblage art, painting, drama, dance, and gardening in addition to the core subjects like science, mathematics, social studies and English taught by qualified instructors.

To expand technology skills, the camp also features 3D printing, computer programming, and architectural design using CAD computer programs. For more information, call 404-508-1050

Learn more about our 2020 Summer Camp

Class schedule

Clarkston Community Center is also proud to offer a wide range of classes for all walks of life. Don't miss the opportunity to share in our weekly and special events.

Help one of America's most diverse communities in this time of need.