SOMA Community Fitness

Soma Community Fitness is the long-held brainchild of Stephen Gaines, a martial arts instructor, personal trainer, and techie who went to graduate school in Sociology for a better understanding of community structures with the hope to make the world a little better than he found it. Having moved across the U.S. multiple times before adulthood, after 16 years in Atlanta he is proud to call the ‘City in the Trees’ home for its beautiful variety in people, cuisine, and near enough hikes.

A course for beginners and experts of all ages to build the most important feature for both and all in between: foundations. Fitness in all aspects is preventative care that improves quality of life and our mental health (our feelings in it). Learn to move in healthier motions physically, personally, and socially as we work on strengthening healthy habits, capability, and having fun.

PLANS FOR CLASS - General Practices

The general goal for classes will be to the daily lived confidence of the participants.


Classes are built off of physical and personal assessment of the individuals posture and
passions to better focus on what can improve the standard of living of the participant, having
variants of each drill for level of difficulty as well as some to better address specific
issues for those taking the class.


The promotion of each participant's mindful look at values, acting on those values, and
building of habits within the curriculum of a class, as well as a free available app
“Goalify” for healthy habit building and optional course material to be done outside of
class at the participants leisure if they so choose.