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We are a gathering place for art, education, and recreation for long-time residents, newly-arriving refugees, transplanted Americans and established internationals in Clarkston, GA.

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Our mission is to celebrate the diversity and strengths of our truly international community, and aid the needs of our citizens who represent over 150 ethnic groups.

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There are so many opportunities for involvement, we have something for almost everyone.
Join one of our many events, activities or classes, donate your time or resources, or shop our new World Art Market.

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Serving over 50,000 individuals per year, we use art, dance, music and culture to connect, support and learn. From Art as a Second Language classes, Uhuru drumming, Tabala martial arts and Vietnamese games, to senior and youth activities, we have unique programs and events that keep our vibrant community connected.


Refuge for refugees

We are a safe and welcoming place for refugees. We offer English language classes, legal help, special events and more. But we cannot do it alone. Please consider how you can support our mission.

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Urgent: New Year Donation Match!

If you’re like me, you may still be feeling the pinch of the holidays. Just like at home, December can also be a very costly month for non-profit organizations like the Clarkston Community Center. Increased visitors and events mean increased utility bills and expenses. But lucky for us, we have a generous community that gives back. In order to start the New Year off in good financial standing, we have a CCC Member willing to…

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With rooms of various sizes, the historic charm of the Clarkston Community Center is the ideal backdrop for corporate and non-profit events, weddings, receptions, and family celebrations. 

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