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Clarkston Culture Fest October 5th, 2024

February 22, 2024

On October 5th, we are welcoming the Clarkston Culture Fest to our home! In collaboration with the Clarkston Festival Committee and other community partners, we are excited to announce that there will be team sports, a fashion show, food trucks, community vendors and a parade! The event will kick off beginning at 11 am, we…

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#PhotoFridays: Sayed Musa & The CCC

October 27, 2023

#PhotoFridays: As October draws to a close, we want to shine a spotlight on one of our long-time staff members who is nearing 9 years of serving with us! Sayed Musa has been with the Center for nearly 9 years, transforming his role and embracing the community’s needs. Beginning as an Assistant to the Director,…

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#PhotoFridays: Fall Arrives

October 6, 2023

#PhotoFridays: As we welcome the first weeks of Fall, we want to send a warm goodbye to the beautiful scenery and nature we call home around the Center. Featuring butterflies, bees, edible gardens and flourishing flowers; at the Center we hope to always feature a welcoming landscape that shows care for our environment, and sensibility for our…

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This is Us

We are a 501(c)3 nonprofit community center reflecting the community around it: diverse, supportive, and strong. The mission of the Clarkston Community Center is to connect Atlanta's communities and cultures through education, recreation, and the arts.

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Who We Are

Clarkston Community Center opened its doors in 1994 and continues to grow every year. Currently, we proudly serve more than 60,000 individuals.

We are a meeting place for both long-term residents and families and individuals that were not born in the U.S. In fact, 53% of Clarkston’s residents are foreign-born and more than half are living in poverty. The CCC provides unique experiences, educational resources, and valuable tools that foster community while celebrating cultural diversity. 

Programs for All Ages

The Clarkston Community Center has a full range of community programs including an after-school program and a thriving summer camp. Serving over 60,000 individuals per year, CCC uses art, dance, music and culture to connect, support, and learn. From English as a Second Language classes and Ecstatic Dance Atlanta dance groups to Tabala martial arts and Vietnamese games, the CCC has unique programs and events that keep our vibrant community connected. The CCC strongly supports resources that promote health and wellness in the community, and our seniors have access to such programs as Tai Chi, Senior Technology Courses, Monthly Art Programs and much more. We also offer connections to exciting jobs programs and recreation opportunities for all.

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Refuge for Refugees

The Clarkston Community Center is a safe and welcoming place for refugees. The CCC offers English language classes, connections to legal help, special events and more. But it cannot be done alone. Please consider how you can support the mission.

Our time for STEAM+ Summer Camp is here!

This year, we have an array of STEAM activities and classes for grades 1st - 6th, and will have games and projects aimed at well-rounded learning.

The camp will be June 5th - July 21st, 2023 Mon-Friday 8:30 am - 3:30 pm.

The Clarkston STEAM-Plus Summer Camp will be a 7-week in-person experience. Not only will campers gain exposure to a variety of ideas and concepts, campers will be enhancing their lives academically, mentally, socially and culturally.

This summer we will be offering campers a variety of STEAM courses that will impact them personally and professionally.

Our classes include, but are not limited to, the following: Videography/Photography, Financial Literacy, Art, Biology, English/Language Arts, and Physical Activity. Weekly fees are $75 per child & can be paid beforehand.

Register your child online here.

Check out our Summer Camps' tab on our website to find out more!

CCC Media is committed to empowering our community through elevating their voices and stories.


Using an array of mediums, we hope to establish this platform for our stories to be seen, heard and embraced.


Through amplifying our community's voices, we aspire to create unifying and positive change in our community.


One of these platforms is through, "Clarkston Talks," a podcast developed by our Leaders of Tomorrow students. This podcast is where they address key issues in their community while searching for solutions.


We invite you to join us in these conversations, and reflect with us in our journey.

Leaders of Tomorrow

Seize the day! The Clarkston Community Center is proud to announce its Leaders of Tomorrow program. If you are a BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, Person of Color) high school student join us for a leadership course where we'll be discussing defining leadership characteristics, the necessity of civic engagement, and other important community issues. Stipend included!


For more information, contact Fauzia Ibrahim at

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We are a gathering place for education, recreation, and the arts for long-time residents, newly-arriving refugees, transplanted Americans and established internationals in Clarkston, GA.

Everyone is welcome

We celebrate the diversity and strengths of our truly international community, and aid the needs of our citizens who represent over 150 ethnic groups.

Get involved - there's much work to be done!

There are so many opportunities for involvement, we have something for almost everyone.
Join one of our many events, activities or classes, or donate your time or resources.

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With rooms of various sizes, the historic charm of the Clarkston Community Center is the ideal backdrop for corporate and non-profit events, weddings, receptions, and family celebrations. 

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