#PhotoFridays: CRSA Retreat


#PhotoFridays - This week, we are honored to highlight our partnerships in serving the refugee community, embodied in the Coalition of Refugee Service Agencies (CRSA).

CRSA's mission is, "To engage a broad coalition to highlight the cultural, social, and economic contributions of refugees and immigrants in Georgia."

For years, we have cherished the opportunity to collaborate with a great spectrum of agencies who specialize in servicing a variety of communities and needs.

Today, we were thankful to host our partners for our annual CRSA retreat, an event to reflect on what transpired over the past year, while also looking ahead to future goals.

CRSA not only is an essential catalyst for policy change at the state and federal level, they are also responsible for coordinating community celebrations.

To find out more about CRSA's mission and our partner agencies, check out their website here.