#PhotoFridays: An Introduction to Executive Director Luay Sami

In this week's iteration of #PhotoFridays, it is our enjoyment to share an introduction with Luay Sami, our Executive Director.

In 2010, Sami came to our community as a refugee from Baghdad, Iraq.

By 2011 he had already begun to find his home both in the nonprofit sector and the community.

For 12 years he has served in the Clarkston Community Center, and in 2018 he became the first person of color to hold the title of Executive Director at the CCC.

Sami found the earliest inspirations in his work from his father, who placed an emphasis on language, history and knowing others.

Then while living in Iraq, Sami worked for the Ministry of Culture, where he continued to nurture his interests in culture, people and the background of others.

Sami has said once you find your place in the community, you are always here, and that is reflected in him finding his home in Clarkston and with the CCC.

He outlines his priorities as;

  • Creating and hosting a safe environment to celebrate our authentic selves and to see one another as who we really are.
  • Using his abilities and access to create an impact for others, for you never know how exponential your impact may be.

Sami continues to create engaging spaces for all members of the community, while also finding ways to bring us all together.