#PhotoFridays: An Orientation for Our Youth Leadership

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Photo Fridays: An Orientation for Our Leaders of Tomorrow
Today was a welcome step in the return of our Leadership Program, Leaders of Tomorrow (LOT.)
Led by Fauzia Ibrahim, Youth Leadership Coordinator, while assisted by CCC Staff & Emory's CLSM students, we held our LOT Orientation at Clarkston High School.
Featuring presentations, games and discussion, we previewed what our prospective LOT Cohort could expect over their developmental journey this school year.
Reflecting on last year's cohort, we highlighted how they would establish their own voices through podcasts, attending town halls, hosting public officials and creating their own action plans.
Leaders of Tomorrow program is a youth leadership program that prepares, supports, and mobilizes BIPOC, immigrant, and refugee high school youth to identify and eliminate systemic barriers in their communities. This program was co-created alongside our youth and the Institute for Educational Leadership.

We aim to create conditions, cultures, and practices that drive success. Through amplifying their voice, we empower their future.

Check out their past journeys on our Spotify and Social Medias!