Party with the Past: Clarkston Community Center

The Clarkston Community Center is proud to welcome The Atlanta History Center presents “Party with a Past”.

Come out and explore the most diverse square mile in America and the unique history and culture that is Clarkston, GA.

Founded in 1882 as a small town on the Georgia railroad, Clarkston has now become one of the most diverse cities in Georgia. Learn about the history of the city through a fun game of trivia and tours of the Clarkston Community Center—an excellent example of how the community of Clarkston came together to revitalize and reuse of the historic Clarkston High School. (Hint: Check out the last Atlanta History center blog here our latest blog).

Don’t miss the amazing onsite local vendors, including Sunavworld, a small business committed to empowering women in Nepal and Atlanta, and Johari Africa, which employees refugee women and women artisans in Africa. Also, we will present a local artist, art exhibit with two amazing textile artist K. Joy Peters  and Sandy Teepen 


When joining ‘Party with a Past’, you will want to check out the Refuge or Refusal exhibition for its Clarkston debut. Created by the Museum of History and Holocaust Education at Kennesaw State University in 2018, the ‘Refuge or Refusal exhibit’ is a view into five key moments which emerged as turning points in U.S. immigration policy. The exhibit explores the impact of these turning points and the factors that influenced them, from global conflicts and economic conditions to cultural trends and social aspirations. In collaboration with CivicGeorgia, ‘Refuge or Refusal’ will continue on display for further viewing at the Clarkston Library from August 16 to September 12.

Last, but certainly not least, we will have some amazing food from Chefs Creole Vegan and Musulyn Home Cooking and Catering who will serve up delicious food for purchase, along with beer, wine, and soft drinks, which will be available for sale throughout the night.

A special thanks to the Atlanta History Center, Dekalb History Center, and The City of Clarkston, along with the Mayor of Clarkston, Ted Terry, and all the amazing people that helped create this incredible event.