Please support our mission and help America’s most diverse community continue to thrive

Tax-Deductible Giving Opportunities include:

Clarkston Summer Camp – Over 100 kids will be fully engaged in this program.

For $350, you can give one child the opportunity to attend summer camp for a one month session. 

Parents are able to trust that their children will engage in academic and artistic pursuits while they work long hours.

The campers are from diverse ethnic groups and countries including: Iraq, Ethiopia, Sudan, Syria, Nepal, Burma, Uganda and USA.  Our camp teaches the kids about diversity and how to get along with others.

After School Program – Over 60 high school aged youths are fully engaged in this program.

For $250, you can give one student the opportunity to attend after school programming for the semester.

Our program focuses on helping students with their academics, incorporating Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics (STEAM) in the programming, in addition to diversity, bullying, mentor-ship, civic & community service, and music.

Seniors on the Go / ESL Classes for Seniors – Over 50 seniors will be fully engaged in this program.

For $150, you can gives one senior the opportunity to attend ESL classes for one month.

Seniors are too often forgotten about. Over 50 seniors are served on a regular basis at the Clarkston Community Center with English as Second Language classes (ESL), Citizenship classes, Tai Chi, Art Classes, Dance Classes, Gardening classes and computer literacy classes. All these classes are geared towards improving the livelihood of the seniors both at home and in the communities that they live.

Thanks so much for your generous support!

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