Donate to support a Refugee family with English Classes

Help refugees support their families, simply by sponsoring a student for classes to learn how to speak and read in English

Just follow this link above for a simple and safe way to donate and help a refugee help themselves and their families. You will change a refugee’s life by your sponsoring them to take an English class.

  • For only $400 you can sponsor 1 for the entire class (4 months)
  • For $200 you can sponsor a person for 2 months of class
  • For $100 you can sponsor a person for 1 month or
  • Any amount will help with books and supplies

Can you imagine what your life would be like if you arrived in a new country after escaping war in your own hometown and country?  What if you did not speak the language?  How would you buy food, get medical care or even ride a bus, much less get a job.  Learning to speak English for refugee families is as important as finding a safe place to live.

So, what is the problem?  Aren’t there lots of places that can teach English?  There are if you are in school, but as an adult who needs to work and support their family, there are a lot fewer options.

At the Clarkston Community Center we provide a comfortable, safe environment in where students spend the afternoons learning English, make friends, and start breaking down the cultural barriers.  All donations are tax deductible.  At the finish of the class, you will be invited to meet the person you helped to sponsor and speak to them in English.

A donation will help refugees who have seen so much hardship already in their lives.  Help them get back on their feet by taking the first step and learn English.