“Clarkston Talks,” A Podcast by Our Leaders of Tomorrow

Real Issues. Real Conversations.


"Clarkston Talks," A Podcast by Our Leaders of Tomorrow


Youth in this community are shouldering astounding responsibilities, and our duty to empower them with amplified voices is more important than ever.


One of the solutions at the Clarkston Community Center is amplifying our youths’ voices through a youth-led podcast, which is to begin releasing episodes at the end of March.


This podcast will include; identifying issues at all scales, candid discussions with decision-makers and community leaders, implementing solutions to community issues and the perspective of leadership as a young adult.

The Leaders of Tomorrow Program was created by our nonprofit partner in DC, The Institute of Educational Leadership (IEL). 


The curriculum for leadership development and community action plans was co-created, and included immigrant and refugee high schoolers from across the country, including Clarkston. We continue to develop this curriculum alongside BIPOC communities.


The Clarkston Community Center (CCC), piloted this program in 2019, and currently are working alongside our 3rd cohort. Funding to support this program comes from the United Way Brighter Futures Funding.


Our program is focused on empowering our youth for leadership roles, and amplifying their voices on issues they identify, no matter the scale.


We are dedicated to unifying communities and finding a collective path forward to positive, sustainable policy changes.


Through amplifying our youth leaders’ voices, they are able to reach directly to decision-makers, stakeholders and community leaders.


It is of the utmost importance that our students’ leaders are representative of their population. Our current cohort are BIPOC students from the community, which is primarily Black American and refugee students from over 50 nationalities.


As a student of Leaders of Tomorrow, our cohort has to identify a specific community issue then create and implement an action plan; taking steps towards creating policy change, no matter the level.


We invite you to follow their podcast conversation along here, or you can watch their journey unfold on our Instagram and new YouTube Channel.