Come Join Us

Saturday, March 3rd

for yet another wonderful

Yard sale in support of the refugee families of Clarkston.

Click here to register for a $25 table space to join the sale!

To support this initiative, you are welcome to donate furniture,  utensils and other household items to Clarkston Community Center or visit our Donation page. Our Community Yard Sale is geared towards supporting the newly arrived refugee families and long-time Georgians who may want to acquire some household items for their house. The items we sell at the yard sale go for very affordable price favoring low-income families.

We also invite other community families and partners who may have some items to sell hence joining the sale. To join the sale one has to pay a $25 fee for the tablespace. To join the yard sale please visit the community center or register by clicking the link - Register for the Community Yard Sale here!

Come one! Come all!