Who We Are

The Clarkston Community Center

The Center is a 501(c)3 nonprofit that is a reflection of the community around it: diverse, supportive, and strong. Our goal is to aid the needs of a population that represents over 150 different ethnic groups, has over 50 different countries of origin, and speaks over 57 different languages.

Our mission

The Clarkston Community Center is a gathering place for art, education, recreation and community building for long-time Georgians, newly arriving refugees, transplanted Americans, and established internationals.   In 2016 we served 58,157 people.


The population of the City of Clarkston is 14,000 with 43% of residents being foreign-born and 32% being African-American, making Clarkston the most diverse city in the United States.  Refugees from more than 57 countries call Clarkston home. However, with a median income of only $29,000, and 56% of the foreign-born population lives in poverty and 1 in 2 children live below the poverty line.  We believe that a strong community has thriving programs, which local residents may easily access. We celebrate the cultural diversity in our community by offering both residents opportunities to experience, learn and come together.