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What We Do

As a gathering place for art, education, recreation and community building, the Clarkston Community Center works to meet the many needs that are related to the city’s demographics, density, low income status, and the fact that apartments make up 80% of the housing. Through a strategic focus on community building, Clarkston Community Center programming works to bring together refugee and non-refugee populations.

Youth Initiative for area youth and young adults offers a wide array of programs geared toward student success and achievement, sports, arts and fun. The initiative includes a teen leadership group, Clarkston Youth Initiative and a thriving Summer camp, Art and Technology at the Center.  Check out more details HERE.

Healthy Living Initiative is growing as rapidly as the lush herbs and vegetables in the on-site Community Gardens.  The Healthy Living Initiative includes a Food Co-op, Food Pantry, and Community Gardens. Read more HERE.

Adult programs We are developing several senior initiatives and if you would like to be part of the process, please call and let us know. Learn more HERE.

Recreation encompasses  a variety of ongoing classes, such as Tai Chi, Tabala, Yoga, art exhibitions, weekly bicycle co-op, special screenings of world sports events and weekly or monthly events such as Contra dancing. More info can be found HERE.