Cycling is a sustainable form of transportation, a good source of exercise, and a lot of fun. We love seeing people enjoying cycling, so we help through repairing, redistributing, educating and riding. We value friendships and set up all of our services and programs as a way to build bridges with each other and the local community.

Communicycle Clarkston is a program of the CCC inspired and begun by the good people at Communicycle  who began with their love for two-wheeled transportation and the communities of Chamblee, Doraville, and Clarkston. They handed Communicycle Clarkston off to us in January 2014 and we are now the proud owners of Communicycle Clarkston! Communicycle expanded in Spring 2015 through a grant from the City of Clarkston to provide bicycle safety education and increased access to bikes and bike repair.

During our open shop hours, everyone is welcome to come use our tools and supplies. If you need help, one of our volunteers will be glad to show you how to diagnose the problems and get the bicycle back up and running. Need a bike? For a small donation, you can participate in our earn-a-bike program, through which you will learn basic repair and maintenance skills as you build a bicycle from the frame up.

If you don’t already have a bike, you can make a donation to Communicycle to get a bike. We have lots of bicycles and frames in various states of disrepair, all of which need a some fixing up and a little bit of love. For a suggested donation of $30 ($20 for youth and $10 for small children’s sizes), you can select one of our bikes, and our volunteers will work with you to diagnose any problems, find used parts that are missing or need to be replaced, and get your “new” bike rolling again. Our shop managers will gladly consider your extenuating circumstances.

At Communicycle, one of our goals is to make bicycling a more sustainable form of transportation by making bike repair affordable so we do not charge outright for use of our tools or services. That said, it does take money to keep this operation rolling, so we’ve developed a list of suggested donations. If money is a problem for you, please talk to us about alternative options you have for earning your bicycle or part(s).

Our suggested donation structure is:

  • $20 – Adult/youth bikes needing repair (includes whatever used parts it needs)
  • $10 – Small children’s bikes needing repair (includes whatever used parts it needs)
  • $5 – Used parts
  • $5 – Per visit for use of tools and shop supplies
  • Though most folks find everything they need in our used parts bins, if your bike requires a new part from our shop, we ask that you reimburse us the cost of the item. On occasion, we may also recommend the purchase of certain new parts specific to your bike from a local bike shop.
  • For those needing transportation in a hurry, we have a limited supply of used bikes that have already been fixed up by our volunteers. Prices vary for ready-to-ride bikes. Please ask one of our volunteers about availability and pricing.

Donations do not have to take the form of money. Volunteer time at the shop, items from our wish list, etc. count just the same. But still, no one will be turned away due to inability to make a donation.

Our shop is open to youth ages 10 and older. (Younger children are welcome if they come with a parent.) We encourage youth to get involved as volunteers at the shop, and we’ll be happy to teach the skills needed to do so. If you are in middle or high school and need a bike, you can participate in our youth earn-a-bike program, a fun, educational experience in which you’ll learn the ins and outs of how your bike works by going through the following steps:

  • Select a bicycle or frame from the shop.
  • Take the bike apart completely, deep cleaning all the parts in the process.
  • Put the bike back together again, finding replacement parts in the shop as needed.
  • Participate as a shop volunteer. (The specifics of involvement will be determined by age, ability and shop needs.)