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Clarkston STEAM-Plus
Summer Camp 2019

Teaching Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math

What: Clarkston STEAM-Plus Summer Camp 2019
When: June 3, 2019 – July 26, 2019
Where: Clarkston Community Center, 3701 College Avenue, Clarkston, GA 30021
For Who: Kids and teens residing in Dekalb County in grades 5th – 12th
For more information: Contact Amber McCorkle - 404.508.1050

About Clarkston STEAM-Plus Summer Camp

Clarkston STEAM-Plus Summer Camp is a 7-week adventure filled with hands-on activities, exciting field trips, engaging classes and memorable cultural experiences to last a lifetime. Our campers gain exposure to a variety of ideas, concepts and skills that will enhance their lives academically, mentally, socially and culturally.

We offer STEAM focused course work (Science, Technology, English, Art & Math). Our classes include, but are not limited to, the following: 3D Imaging & Printing (AutoCAD, Fusion 360 & Maya), Computer Programming & Coding, Robotics, Paper Making, Financial Literacy & Entrepreneurship, Goal Setting, Physical & Nutritional Health, Cultural Diversity & Inclusion, Mental Health & Social Skills, Science, English & Writing, Art and Math. 

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We offer courses that cater holistically to our campers. These courses are structured to teach to the grade levels of our campers.

3D Imaging & Printing: 3 dimensional printing technology is rapidly expanding across many career sectors. Our aim is to provide a learning space for our campers to have access and learn how to develop skills in this technology at a young age. Campers will be taught how to use various 3D printing programs, such as AutoCAD and Fusion 360 and Maya, to create 3D imaging designs that can be used in variety of areas such as architecture and animation.

Computer Programming & Coding: With computer jobs in demand, campers will have the opportunity to peak their interest in this area of technology and acquire computer programming skills. Java and Scratch are high areas of interests to many of our summer campers.

Robotics: Campers will learn the basics of how to build a robot, the mechanics thereof and how science and math are incorporated in this process. Furthermore, our robotics class with serve as a doorway to acquiring more knowledge about careers in mechanical engineering.

Paper Making: This is an exciting and hands-on paper making experience. Campers will gain knowledge of how paper is created from pulp and transform it into sheets of paper to make their own book.

Financial Literacy & Entrepreneurship: One day, our campers will become young adults and our goal is to ensure that they’re taught how to manage their finances and make wise decisions. Campers will learn how to budget, financial literacy as it relates to college, and will be introduced to the world of entrepreneurship. Campers will be encouraged to come up with ideas for their own businesses and what steps to take toward accomplishing this goal.

Physical & Nutritional Health: It is important for kids to establish healthy habits while they are young. Campers will engage in physical activities and will be taught the importance of selecting nutritional and healthy snacks.

Cultural Diversity & Inclusion: Dekalb County is becoming more diverse daily. Our summer camp is a representation of that diversity. Campers will learn about different cultures and their similarities. The exposure to different perspectives and practices will promote appreciation and to value of our cultural differences.

Mental Health & Social Skills: Kids and teens are faced with many decisions, identity issues and peer pressure at an early age. Courses will be designed to discuss these new changes that many campers may be going through as well as provide an open space for dialogue.

Science, English & Writing, Art and Math: Curriculum for these subjects will be centered around the grade level of the students in preparation for the following tests: GA Milestones, ACT/SAT, MAP Testing, Access/WIDA testing.

For more information regarding our camp, please contact:

Amber McCorkle

We look forward to seeing you and your family this summer!

About Clarkston Community Center

The Clarkston Community Center opened its doors in 1994 as a nonprofit multicultural community center in Clarkston,Georgia, located in Dekalb County. We are a meeting place for long-term residents, families and individuals that were not born in the U.S. We pride ourselves on offering unique experiences, educational resources, and valuable tools that foster community while celebrating cultural diversity.

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Help one of America's most diverse communities thrive.