Our Youth Programs fall under the blanket of Student Success Programs; they are meant to supplement their education and strengthen their physical, mental, interpersonal, and emotional selves.


The Dare To Be Aware Program

is the result of an ongoing need to address many problems faced by the young adults in their homes, schools, and social communities. These issues include addressing: youth violence, cultural diversity, health inequities, and obstacles to educational attainment. High School students, identified by the Community Center, teach their peers on a subject matter every week for 10 weeks. On Tuesdays, we will train the High School students on a subject, for example, bullying.  On Thursdays, the trainers will present their topic to the students and lead the discussions around the topic.  This will be interactive and informational.  The goal is to improve the self-image and understanding for these middle school students by addressing hard and important topics.  It is vitally important to City of Clarkston that the students have an alternative to gangs. By joining the after school program these students will become confident and address the issues which they will face on a daily basis.

This program is being sponsored by the City of Clarkston and the Clarkston Community Center and is open to students ages 10-18 years of age. If you are looking for where to engage your children under this age category after school, or know someone who may benefit please reach out to Justine Okello at the Clarkston Community Center for registration or any form of inquiry.programs@clarkstoncommunitycenter.org | Call: 404-508-1050 

Summer Camp

Registrations for Clarkston STEAM-Plus summer camp is now open at the Community Center, please come and secure a slot for your child as soon as possible. The Clarkston STEAM-Plus Summer Camp, STEAM standing for Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math will be open for children age 6-14. The dates for camp are June 12th through July 28th, and breakfast and lunch will be provided for each day of camp. The cost per four-week session is $300 per child. Click Here to Register

Our summer camp is geared towards improving literacy and academic skills for low-income youth and teens in a fun, creative atmosphere. The camp experience also builds stronger English language skills for those who are new to this country and bolsters self-confidence for participants, especially for girls and young women.  Our camp is taught by experienced teachers experienced in working with multicultural youths and always strive to give them the best of their knowledge and creativity.

In this upcoming camp, campers will explore and create eco-art, assemblage art, painting, drama, dance, voice, improvisation, movie making and gardening as well as tackle core subjects like science, mathematics, social studies and English were they will work on reading and writing skills also keep a journal for camp. There is also going to be 3D printing, computer programming, and architectural design which will strengthen their technological skills in computing.

Clarkston Global Academy (CGA)

20160822_164003A  teen leadership program, CGA engages local teens from all ethnicities to address issues in their communities, learn leadership skills, and build community cross-culturally. The program benefits includes: Turning STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics) skills into leadership and employment opportunities

  • Free or low-cost field trips to museums, colleges for tours, hiking trips, etc.
  • Free MARTA or gas cards to refund transportation
  • Free (and fun!) workshops for professionally, personally, and interpersonal development
  • Financial compensation for attending tutoring, workshops, and volunteer opportunities
  • Connections for students to local employment and volunteer opportunities to build resume

In order to be eligible for the program, the student must be between the ages of 16 and 21, live in DeKalb County, be currently enrolled in school, and be low-income (receiving food stamps or free/reduced lunch). For the program’s success, the CCC has forged a wonderful partnership with the Center for Pan Asian Community Services.For more information please call 770-936-0969, or email clarkston@cpacs.org.