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Food Security Initiative

The Clarkston Community Center Food Security Initiative provides access to food through a broad spectrum of programs.

Our values:

We believe that:

  • All people in a community have the right to have nutritious, affordable, culturally appropriate food every day.
  • People have security and stability when they are empowered, educated (through formal and informal channels), and have a supportive community network.
  • When people are in need, emergency food assistance coupled with education and skill development improves the ability to overcome life’s challenges.
  • Employees who earn lower wages face numerous obstacles that make it difficult for many of them to find and keep a job, save up money, and maintain a sense of self-worth.
  • Local, naturally grown foods are fresh and nutritious. By supporting local food systems, people help to build a strong local economy and gain a sense of environmental responsibility.
These values guide and motivate us in our work in helping to:
  • build a thriving local food economy
  • provide access to healthy food for all residents and
  • reduce the environmental impacts of the food system.

We accomplish these goals through the following programs:

Clarkston Farmers Market

The Clarkston Farmers Market builds community by connecting Clarkston neighbors and DeKalb County residents with locally grown, nutritious, affordable foods. The foods offered recognize and celebrate the city’s diverse cultural population and traditions. Vendors include refugee and non-refugee farmers, local gardeners and artisans.  The market is a good place to meet friends and buy fresh vegetables — all while supporting your local economy!

In order to make local food more affordable for everyone, the Clarkston Farmers Market happily accepts and DOUBLES SNAP/EBT benefits. The market is held on the parking lot of the Clarkston Community Center at 3701 College Ave. Clarkston, GA 30021.

The market is closed for the season and will reopen in late April.  When in season, the CFM is open every Sunday from 10am – 2pm. For more information, contact Myriam Dormer, Food Security Manager, at You can visit the CFM website and follow it on Facebook for up-to-date vendor and event information.

The Clarkston Community Food Co-operative

The mission of the Clarkston Community Food Co-operative is to be a source of nutritious food for low-income Clarkston residents and to build intercultural relationships and a stronger community around food. Co-op members receive food twice a month from the Atlanta Community Food Bank and other local food organizations. In exchange, members commit to volunteer in the food program. If you are interested in joining the co-op, please email Myriam Dormer at An application and interview are required to join the co-op.

Caring 4 Clarkston Food Pantry

Through a partnership with the Clarkston United Methodist Church, Oak Grove United Methodist Church, Hands On Atlanta, Atlanta Community Food Bank and Clarkston Community Center,  Caring 4 Clarkston Food Pantry, which opened in September 2011, provides low-income families with food  twice a month. Please click here to read more about the food pantry.


Clarkston Community Garden

CCC’s Community Garden includes 28 plots where residents grow their own food. Since January of 2012, volunteers have helped to plant and maintain a large plot specifically to provide fresh, local foods to Clarkston residents in need. When ready for harvest, the food is given to either Food Co-op members, Caring 4 Clarkston Food Pantry or sold at Clarkston Farmers Market.  Proceeds from these sales go directly into the FSI budget to support the Pantry and Co-op.  Visit the Hands on Atlanta website to sign up to volunteer in the pantry garden.  Volunteer workdays are usually held every Wednesday from 9 – 1 pm.


 Food Forest and Edible Landscape

With a vision for the future, CCC partnered with the CDF: A Collective Action Initiative and Edible Yard and Garden, and in April 2011 began to implement a plan for a mixed orchard and edible landscape area designed to produce an abundance of food for years to come. Planted on the grounds of the Clarkston Comunity Center on a previously unused hillside and on reclaimed acreage, the Food Forest and edible landscape area near the Center’s main building include fruit trees and shrubs, perennial vegetable plants and herbs. The Food Forest is one of the first of its kind on community property in Georgia. A vital element in the project is an extensive water catchment system which collects thousands of gallons of rainwater for the forest and edible landscape plants. Foods harvested when the plants are mature will be distributed through CCC’s Food Security Initiative programs.

Community Supported Agriculture

Clarkston Community Center, in partnership with Global Growers Network, offers a twelve-week, Spring and Summer Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) Program.  The CSA program provides a weekly box of fresh produce, and in exchange, members agree to invest in the growers network. Excess produce and shares that are not picked up are donated to the CCC Food Co-op and Food Bank.

For additional information or questions regarding the Food Security Initiative, please contact Myriam Dormer, Food Security Coordinator at or 404-508-1050.