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Adult Programs

Adult Basic Education: ESL/GED

Refugees who come to the United States often come with little, no, or interrupted schooling. Some arrive with advanced degrees that are not recognized in the US. The innovative Advanced ESL/GED program works to fill the gap in education by providing individualized classes to get students ready to take the GED or obtain better employment by improving their written and verbal language skills. Obtaining a GED provides a foundation for future education and helps new Americans set the stage for creating successful lives in this country.

CCC’s approach to adult education is simple, but it’s a really BIG job.   We teach our students to read, write, speak English and do math well enough to function better in our society and/or to begin the process of studying for a GED which  is a difficult test!  Students need to read at a 9th grade level in order to read the test which covers everything a student is expected to know by the end of high school  in math, geography, world history, US History, economics, civics, life and physical science, earth and space science, plus comprehending literature – both fiction and non-fiction  - and writing essays.
The CCC serves about 50 students and has 9 community volunteers helping us along with a group of Emory Shine students. We meet Tuesday and Thursday nights from 6-8 pm and a math class meets from 10 am-noon on Wednesdays.
It’s wonderful to be part of a team that has such a powerful impact on people’s lives.  Volunteers are key to the success of this program for multiple reasons: the more individualized tutoring and support the better, volunteers help us have a low student/teacher ratio and we run our program on a shoe string budget!  If you’d like to volunteer, please email 
If you’d like to help with materials, we need copies (used are fine) of the Oxford Picture Dictionary Monolingual English by Jayme Adelson-Goldstein (April 2008) and the Merriam-Webster’s Essential Learner’s English Dictionary.
Interesting facts:
It normally takes 5-7 years to learn a new language.
The average high school student has a 50,000 word vocabulary.

Senior Refugee Program

One of the CCC’s longest running programs, the Senior Refugee Program (SRP) provides ESL, exercise, fellowship and  recreational opportunities to some of our most vulnerable residents. Older people who come as refugees face the most challenges in making the transition to a new culture, have difficulty learning English and are often isolated. The SRP offers a comfortable, safe environment in which participants spend the morning learning English, talking with volunteers, getting valuable health education information and just being together.