The Clarkston Community Center does its best to serve our community. As a team here at the center, we have undergone several changes in order to better deliver valuable programs to our people, whether they are refugees or Georgia-born natives. One of our biggest changes was hiring a new Executive Director, Cindy Bowden. Cindy has a wealth of knowledge in nonprofits and has been carefully listening to community leaders’ suggestions. She is in the process of returning our programs back to basics in order to better address the needs of our community.

Currently, our new session of the Digital Inclusion Project is under way. Starting on August 25th, this initiative will help members of the community to excel in the new digital era. As the name of the project suggests, it is our goal to include everyone in the computerized world; as such, the Digital Inclusion classes will include topics such as computer fundamentals, responsible internet usage, digital file management, and more. Donation of any amount can get students of the Digital Inclusion Project valuable education, and even affordable computers and internet services!

We are working with several partners to reinstate the after school programs for elementary and middle school students. Our goal is to provide help by tutoring in math, science, reading, English, and history. Currently, we are in the fundraising stage and are actively seeking qualified volunteers.

IMG_4543Our Senior Program is also gaining momentum. We are planning to offer a 4-days per week program open to all of the seniors who make up our community. Each day of the week we will offer different programs including “Legal and Financial”, “Health and Gardening”, “Art and Giving Back to the Community”, and “Senior Engagement”.

We highly value your support. Even a donation of $25 can help support a day of after-school reading lessons for a 3rd grader. Any and all help is appreciated. Additionally, because the CCC is a nonprofit, all donations are tax deductible!


2016 Annual Giving Program

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