06/30/16: Art at the Center and STEAM Summer Camp

DSCN4962 The last day of Session 2 was a whirlwind — our final performance was a great success! With presentations about what they’ve learned, a song from group 1, a live music video from group 2, and a dance from group 4, we say farewell to many of the campers. Now, we have a week break before camp restarts for Session 3 on July 11! This Session has been a blast and has gone by so fast. We surely will miss our campers, but look forward to the next round.

Spots are still available for the July Summer Camp sessions at $150/week/child, or $75/week/child with a medicare or medicaid card. This cost covers breakfast, lunch, and the rest of the 8 am – 2 pm day on Monday through Thursday.

Session 3 (Art at the Center): July 11 – July 14

Session 4 (STEAM Camp): July 18 – July 28

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06/25/16: Clarkston Digital Inclusion Program Graduation

community tech 2Congratulations to the 15 graduates of the Clarkston Digital Inclusion Program! After the 4 month course, these adults are now better equipped to tackle the technology of today. The course covered topics ranging from computer basics and email creation to computer ethics and internet security. We are so proud of the 15 individuals and wish them all the best!

The program will start again with a new set of students in early August. This program, with the highly valued support of TechBridge, is one of the Community Technology programs provided at the CCC. If you have any questions regarding the program or Community Technology at the Clarkston Community Center, please contact Justine Okello at connector@clarkstoncommunitycenter.orgcommunity tech 1

06/18/16: World Refugee Celebration and ServiceJuris

From 10 am to 2 pm, we celebrated Georgia World Refugee Day with Soccer in the Streets on our beautiful soccer field. The event attracted support from all over the community and resulted in a great turn out.

Additionally, we had the amazing support of the ServiceJuris team. They helped us renovate the center by repainting our benches and lines on the ground, creating new tables, mulching the garden areas, and fixing our porch. We cannot give enough thanks to the volunteers who helped make our center look brand new again!

soccer in the streets 1servicejuris 1 servicejuris 2

Community Household Fundraiser

Donate Your Stuff to CCC

As you make space in your house or apartment, donate those items you no longer need to support the Clarkston Community Center help deliver its continued support to the community it serves. The receiving of donations commenced last Saturday on June 11th, and is still continuing.  You can bring your donations here at the community center within office open hours from Monday through Friday within 9am and 5pm.  The items can range from computers, furniture, art-work, collectibles, kitchen, appliances and bikes.

Remember, you will also be contributing a lot to the environmental protection by offering your items to be used again by others who may still get use of them and this will help protect Earth’s scarce resources too.

All the proceeds from the sales of the donated items will go towards supporting the programs here at the Clarkston Clarkston Community. We believe that the internal functioning of the agency greatly mirrors the external work of the community building and its extensive support.

As a community center, a primary strategic direction is to create a place where all people can come together no matter their age, ethnicity, gender, religion, sexual orientation, economic circumstances etc. Our diverse programming – which includes student success program, computer inclusion, food resource program, art at the center, recreation, and community events – engage and energize the diverse community with intentional and purposeful inclusion. We believe the CCC can bring local and international communities together to make Clarkston a model city for global unity.

As you donate those items, prepare to come meetup at our first Community Support Yard Sale on July 16th, 2016 from 8am to 1pm. Learn more about the community, Ice cream & coffee will be available too. What a good way to connect with your neighbors! Please come-one-come-all, at the address mentioned below and find loads of items from kitchen items, to gadgets, furniture and appliances all at reasonable prices. See you all there! You can also visit our donation page to Donate!

For more information, you can contact Justine Okello by email at connector@clarkstoncommunitycenter.org, or call 404-508-1050 ext.406


Network Atlanta

You need an affordable computer!!

Network Atlanta refurbishes donated computers, installs Windows 7 and Microsoft Office 2010, Microsoft Security Essentials Antivirus. We are a Microsoft Registered Refurbisher.

Desktop PCs at $150, Laptops ranging from $180 and $200.

Computers available at CCC, 3701 College Ave, Clarkston, GA 30021.

Network Atlanta also provides computer literacy training at CCC and Cafe Clarkston at 3895 Church St, Clarkston 30021. Please contact Justine Okello at connector@clarkstoncommunitycenter.org for more information.


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